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vSense is an advanced Customer Support AI agent for businesses which thrive on customer happiness and retention.

Grow every day

Improve Customer Retention Instantly

Integrate vSense in less than 15 minutes with your support team.

vSense resolves 80%+ queries

With AI magic, vSense can resolve more than 80% of customer queries without any human support.

Support 80+ languages

With deeply embedded multi-lingual support, vSense can talk to your customers in 80+ languages.

Transfer to human agent

If a support request requires an human agent's attention, vSense can trasfer the chat with relevant data.

Easy as talking to a friend

vSense talks like a real human and "understands" your customer's concern before responding.

Start in less than 15 seconds

Starting with vSense is just a click away

Get up and running with vSense in absolutely no time!

Connect your Knowledge Base

vSense learns from your own knowledge base and responds to the customers with most accurate and appropriate data.

Integrate with your CRM

vSense can talk to your ticketing system to create new support tickets, look up status and escalate, if required.

Multi-channel with 1-Inbox

Respond from your website, WhatsApp or Email, vSense responds across all channels and keeps conversations unified in 1 inbox.


Customers love vSense

vSense has been a game-changer for our team! It's like having a buddy who's always on the ball—quick, smart, and sorts out problems like a charm. Day or night, vSense is our go-to, making support feel like a chill chat.

Emma R.

Customer Support Manager, TechSprint Innovations

vSense is like chatting with that super cool colleague who speaks every language! No more language barriers—just a breezy support experience. Always there, always friendly—vSense just gets it everytime!

Liam T.

Communications Director at CyberWave Solutions

vSense has lately been our support rockstar! It's like having a colleague who just clicks. It is always online, fixing things up effortlessly. Customer support turned into casual chats—thanks, vSense!

Sophia B.

E-commerce Team Lead at NeoRetail Solutions

vSense is our organisation's internal support buddy. No more juggling messages across channels—it's like having a reliable teammate. vSense keeps it simple, just like shooting the breeze with a good colleague.

Noah K.

Marketing Coordinator at Visionary Marketing Agency

vSense is the friendliest support out there for our organization. No matter where we drop a message—WhatsApp, Web, SMS, or Slack—it's right there. Easy solutions, just like talking things through with a best work buddy.

Olivia H.

Head of Customer Experience at Nexus Enterprise

Pricing Plans

Pricing that works for everyone.


$ 40 / month

10,000 customer chats
5 integrations
5 human agents
OpenAI tokens billing as per your usage
Technical support via email
Best For: Individuals or small businesses who aim to delight their customers with prompt and active support.

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$ 100 / month

Unlimited customer chats
10 integrations
10 human agents
OpenAI tokens billing as per your usage
Technical support via phone and email
Best For: Small and medium businesses looking to improve customer response time and satisfaction score.

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Custom Pricing

Unlimited customer chats
Unlimited integrations
Unlimited human agents
Custom OpenAI token credits
Dedicated priority support via phone and email
Best for: Medium and large enterprises aiming to engage and grow at phenomenal rate by offering delightful support at scale.

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